A gaming laptop?


A gaming laptop is a small, mobile personal computer which, as its name says, is used for gaming purposes. Although any computer can be used to play games but gaming laptops are specifically designed for gamers with some extra features. Gaming laptops have high-end hardware, due to which they cost almost three times more than an entry-level non-gaming laptop. High-end hardware is a necessity of gaming laptops as the games that are usually run on it are process-intensive and graphic-wise advanced.

Gaming keyboards look different than traditional computers; they are less conservative looking. They have a high-tech look as they have bright colors, often metallic bodies and large icons on desktop. Users/gamers also use stickers and modified cases for their gaming laptops as they are not for formal use.

The four most important things a gamer seeks in a gaming laptop is its graphic card, its operating system, processor and the size of screen. If the laptop has the wrong operating system for the desired games of the gamer then it is of no use. Not all games are designed for all OSs. Screen size is important as it changes the impact of graphic and lets the gamer see all the aspects of the game. Then there is processor, the most important feature of a gaming laptop. A game can either be highly process-intensive or maybe requiring least process speed, therefore gaming laptops are looked forward to have the optimum processor. Graphics card is, undoubtedly, what makes the laptop worth buying. It has more visual effects enabled and provides the gamer with high-level graphics. Other hardware aspects are also modified in a gaming laptop, such as RAM, ROM, and speed of hard disk and battery life of the laptop.

Gaming laptops also support some additional options which are not supported by a standard laptop. Peripherals like headset and wireless mouse can be connected via USB ports and Bluetooth card. They connect to the internet through WiFi. They also have better cooling options like improved venting or more powerful fans that get rid of all the heat produced due to the high-end hardware.

Gaming laptops are often rejected over gaming rigs i.e. gaming desktop computers. They are comparatively smaller and the internal hardware is also less advanced. There is space limitation in laptops which stops them from bearing the best hardware. Gaming laptops are more expensive too but their portability is what most of the gamers desire.

Perfect Gaming Setup


The perfect gaming setups in rooms for the gamers should be a balance of comfort with the variety of technologies to make the gaming experience, either the casual multiplayer gaming with friends or the longer session gaming satisfying. There is no planning done in building the houses for gaming rooms but one can arrange their rooms to get that awesome gaming experience that they want.

The first very important step in setting up a gaming room is finding the perfect spot for Television and the gaming console or your PC. Not everyone has much space in their rooms who can just place any console and a big 50 inch LCD, so people with the space issue have to find the most perfect spot for the TV set and the console or their PC depending on what they have. The next important step is the suitable furniture that is required for the TV set or screen and the console or PC stuff. There are a lot of different home entertainment systems available in which one can set their TV screens and the consoles. There are other tables available too for setting up your PC and other things like its keyboard and mouse and etc. There are cable organizers available now to get rid of the mess that the cables create.

Now that you have found the perfect spot in your room, now you need the whole kit required for gaming. Imagine to combine this with the best gaming headphones. A lot of people play games on their PC so they will need an excellent and fast computer system and the required graphics and sound cards, keyboard, controllers, mouse and etc. One needs a good HD resolution screen and an HDMI cable for the best HD gaming experience. And of course you will need good comfy chairs or couch. I would suggest a beanbag which is very comfortable for the long hour gaming sessions on consoles. One needs an excellent quality sound system for their gaming room which will improve the gaming experience. There are sound bars available in the market now. I would suggest a sound bar instead of a home theater system because it is cheaper and it requires less cables and can fit easily anywhere in the room.

The power regulation is important. One should get a Surge protector for the sudden power outage problems to protect their PC or consoles, TV and other expensive hardware. The other important stuff for the perfect gaming setup includes a DVD/CD storage unit or an album, a control charge station for different controllers, a multimedia remote and a wireless router for gamers who enjoy the online gaming.

Latest about gaming screens


People spend a lot of cash on buying expensive Graphic Cards and increasing the performance of their PCs. They spend so much on these GPUs just to run the game smoothly, but they never pay any attention to the Screen they use, for playing heavy games that require high performance PCs. If a person spends hundreds of dollars on GPUs, why can’t he just use some cash to buy a Gaming Screen? These screens are not the ordinary screens that we use in our daily life for going through our mails or other office work. These screens have very high refresh rates, even higher than a Human eye. They provide a breath taking image quality. The images have such depth and colors that it will make you forget the ordinary screens. They provide you the minute details in the game if your Graphic card is powerful enough. Different companies are working in this industry and they claim that they have the best gaming monitors. The famous names are Dell, Acer, AOC, Samsung, Asus, etc.

There are different specifications that help us in determining whether a monitor is a good one or not. Most important of all is the frequency of a monitor which is measured in Hertz. Hertz is basically the refresh rate of a monitor’s image per second. Previously, we used to have 30 Hertz monitor which meant that its refresh rate was 30 images per second. Then the 60 Hertz monitor was introduced, which meant that its refresh rate was 60 images per second. Now, we have 120 Hertz monitors on the market. Their frequency is way too high than the previous generation monitors. They can refresh an image at the rate of 120 images per second which is twice the speed of the 60 Hertz monitors. There is another thing called FPS (Frames per second). FPS is basically dependent on the Graphic Card one is using and the graphic options. If one is using a setting or a GPU with a refresh rate of 30 frames per second and his monitor has a frequency of 120 Hertz, it surely would not be a smooth image then. The reason for this is because the frequency of monitor and the Graphic card does not match with each other. The monitors have many further options then. These options include LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LED (Light emitting Diodes) and the old TN Monitors.